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It is possible to create a location which you can use to set policies and assign users. To create a location, please follow these steps:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard ( )
Click on Locations on the left-hand side menu
Once on the new page, click Create a Location
A new page will open, you can now enter the necessary information:

For Location Name you want to enter the name of your location (eg. Moscow, USA, British Columbia)
Editing the workweek will apply the workweek schedule for all users that are using this location
You can choose to reset the leave quotas according to the Accounting Year (meaning that the leave quota will be reset for all users from this location according to the same date) or according to the User Employment Date (meaning that the leave quota will be rest for all users from this location according to their employment start date).
Our rollover policy is set for each leave; however, on each location you can add the rollover expiry date
Finally, to apply the new location to users you would select the users from the Users field

Once you are done editing, click Create Location

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