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Within Vacation Tracker you are able to create different leave types (such as Paid Time Off; Sick Days; Working from Home; etc.) which you can then connect to different leave policies which are assigned according to location. The leave policies include options such as "Approval Required"; "Allowing Negative Balance"; "Allow Half-Days"; etc.

To easily create and edit different leave policies through our online dashboard, please follow these steps:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard ( )
On the left-hand side click on Locations. If you are just starting with Vacation Tracker you will see a Default Location where all of the Users will be sent to. You can create more locations or just edit the one. For more information on creating locations, please see the following article: Microsoft Teams: How Do I Create a Location?

Click on the View option on the left-hand side of any location
Once on the new page, click on the Leave Policies tab

Click on the Assign Leave Policy button to add a leave type and assign a policy. For more information on creating leave types, please read the following article: Microsoft Teams: How Can I Create and Configure Leave Types?
You want to select the leave type from the drop-down menu
Once selected click on Assign Leave Policy
You have two options: to create the leave policy from scratch by selecting "Don't Copy, I'll Start a New Policy"

OR to copy a policy from some of the existing policies and/or locations.

*In both cases you can still edit the information below in case you want to customize. The leave policy options are:

You would turn on or off Approval Required depending on if the leave requires an approval from a

You would turn on or off Unlimited Days depending on if you want a specific amount of days or an
unlimited amount of days;

If you’re looking to set a quota of days you would edit the Yearly Leave Quota field

Allowing Negative Balance gives you the option to allow your users to apply for leave even after they have used up their quota.

Allow Half Days would be turned on or off depending on if you would allow that leave type to be a half-day or not.

If you require your users to include additional information when applying for a leave, you would turn on the Reason Required option

The Hide Leave Type option hides the name of the leave from all of the regular users in order to provide additional privacy.

Last but not least, the Max Rollover Days is a field you can use to set how many leftover days should be rolled over to the following year for this leave type, for this location

Once you are done editing the information click Save

Please keep in mind, some of the settings can also be edited on the user profile. If you would like the changes you've made to apply to all Users, including those with custom settings, turn on the "Override User Settings" option.

If you would like to edit any of the leaves you can easily do so by clicking on the Edit button on the right-hand side of any leave.
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