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In order to approve or deny a requested leave, you need approval privileges. Once you’ve been made an Approver by an Administrator, you will be granted these privileges. Once you have approval privileges, there are three ways you can approve leave requests for your team members:

Through our chat using the Microsoft Teams bot;
Through our online dashboard;
Through our Tabs page using the Microsoft Teams bot.

Please note that you do not have to be an Administrator in order to become an Approver.

Once a team member requests a leave, you will automatically receive a notification from our Vacation Tracker bot which will allow you to approve or deny the leave request.

Once you approve or deny the leave request, the User will receive a response about their leave request.

Another way to approve or deny a leave request is through our online dashboard ( Once you login you will be able to respond through the "Pending Requests" tab on the homepage of the dashboard or our "Manage Requests" page found on the left-hand side menu.

Finally, you can also approve or deny a leave request through our Microsoft Teams bot tab by going to your Microsoft Teams application and clicking on Teams on the left-hand side. You can then enter the channel which has Vacation Tracker and at the top of the channel you can click on the Vacation Tracker tab. Once on the tab, as an Approver you should see leave requests from your team members. For more information on Microsoft Teams tabs, check out the following article: Microsoft Teams: Accessing Tabs within Microsoft Teams

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