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Within our Vacation Tracker dashboard you are able to import holidays according to region and you are able to create your own holiday(s).

To import holidays, please follow these steps:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard ( )
On the left-hand side click on Locations (Please note: to set holidays, you must set a location. For more information on creating locations see the following article: Microsoft Teams: How Do I Create a Location?
Once on Locations you should see the option to View the location
On the new page you want to go to the Holidays tab
Click on Import Holidays and a new pop-up will open

For the first step you want to choose the country you are importing for and the year
Once you are done click Find Holidays
Next you want to choose the holidays that you would like to import, or select all
Once you have made your selection click Import Holidays

The holidays will now be imported for that location and all users within that location will be affected by the imported holidays.
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