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In order to use Vacation Tracker within Microsoft Teams it is important to sign-up using our online dashboard and then to install our bot into your team(s) using the following steps:

*Please make sure your Microsoft Teams settings and role allow you the download custom applications. For more information on Microsoft Teams custom app settings, visit the following link:

Step 1: Signing Up Through the Vacation Tracker Online Dashboard

Go to
Once on the page click on "Sign Up with Microsoft Teams"
You will be re-directed to the signup page, where you can begin filling in the information
Once you put in the contact email you will see a field where you can either choose to sign up with the whole organization or by selecting a specific team

The next option is a toggle which you can turn on if you want to allow everyone (within the team or within the organization) to use Vacation Tracker. If you turn the option off a new field will show where you will be able to choose the users you want to allow to use Vacation Tracker.
Finally, click on Create an Account

Step 2: Installing the Vacation Tracker bot

On the left-hand side of your Microsoft Teams click on the Apps icon in the sidebar
On the left-hand side of the new window click on the Search bar and search for Vacation Tracker
Once you see the Vacation Tracker app click on the box to begin the setup
A new window will open and you want to make sure to click the drop-down arrow on the Add button and to click Add to a Team in order to add the bot for everyone that is active within Vacation Tracker (and to be able to set notifications). If you click on the Add button the bot will be added solely for you and you will not be able to set notifications.

Here you can select the team and the channel (you can select or type out the name of the team or channel) your bot will be added to for future notifications (please keep in mind, you can always set the channels and the notification settings through the online dashboard as an Admin).
Once you are done you want to click on Set Up Bot to complete the setup
Once completed, you should be sent to the channel selected and there should be a small message letting you know that you have added Vacation Tracker to this team.

You can now go ahead and either request a leave using the bot or go to the online dashboard to set team or general notifications!

For any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via live chat or email us at anytime!

Please note: due to Microsoft's policy if you have multiple teams and you would like multiple or all of the teams to use the bot you will have to add the bot for each team.
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