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To hide the requested leave type from other Users, you have to enable the “Hide Leave Type” option on the Settings page. This removes the informational pop up from the Calendar and information from notifications that reveal Leave Types or reasons for the leave to other team members. The color of the Leave Type even changes on the Calendar, so that only Approvers and Administrators will see the differences in the requested Leave Types.

When creating a new Leave Type, you can enable the “Hide Leave Type” option. You can also apply this feature to some, or to all of the Leave Types already created in your organization by customizing each Leave Type manually in the settings.

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard (
On the left-hand menu click on Settings
Once on Settings, go to the Leave Types tab
On the right-hand side of any leave you will see the Edit button
A new pop-up will open which you will be able to edit according to your preferences. In this case you want to make sure the "Hide Leave Type" option is on (blue)
Once you are done editing the information click Save

Please note: if you have more than one hidden leave type the default color of all hidden leave types will be automatically in grey in order to disguise the hidden leaves. Additionally, all Approvers and Administrators are able to see the hidden leave(s) information on the online dashboard.
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