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We have three different options that you can use to see who is away during a certain time period:

Using our Vacation Tracker bot within Slack
Through our online dashboard (
Through our daily / weekly notifications

To use our Vacation Tracker bot, type /vacation and push enter. Once the bot responds you want to click on "See More Options" and you will see a section with options to see who in your team is off during a certain time period: Today; This Week; Next Week; This Month; Next Month. Make your selection and our bot will show you the team members who are off during the selected time frame.

The next option is by logging in to our online dashboard ( On our dashboard home page you can see who from your team will be off by viewing the "People Off Today" and "Upcoming Days Off" tabs found on our dashboard home page. Additionally, you can check who from your team will be away by going to our Calendar page on the online dashboard:

The third way to check who from your team will be off is through the daily / weekly notifications which are set according to your company’s policy. The notifications will be sent according to the settings your Administrator has set to a specific Slack channel at a specific time, letting you know who will be on leave. For more information on setting notifications please see the following articles (please note that only Administrators are able to edit notification settings):

Slack: How Do I Set Global Notifications?

Slack: How Do I Set Team Notifications?

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