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Our rollover policy allows your team to transfer either all or some days that are leftover from the previous year to the following year. To set your team's rollover policy you would go to our online dashboard ( and edit the settings according to your preferences.

The rollover feature has two use cases:

The company allows transfer of all remaining days off to the next year.
The company allows the transfer of a limited number of days to the next year.

To set the rollover policy, please follow these steps:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard (
Once logged in on the left-hand side click on Settings
Under the General Settings tab you will see an option called "Transfer some or all remaining days off to the next year" which you can turn on/off by clicking on the toggle
You can choose from two options to either allow all of the days to be transferred or only a limited amount of days to be transferred
If you choose the limited amount of days, a new option will show and you can then enter the amount of days you would allow to roll over
In both cases you can also choose if the days expire or not and enter the date of expiration if necessary
Once you are done editing, click "Update"

Please keep in mind just as all of the settings on the Settings page, the rollover setting will affect all of the users within Vacation Tracker.>
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