Once you sign up with Vacation Tracker all of the active users will be set to one Department by default, the Default Department. However, if like us you have multiple departments, you can create additional departments to manage your requests and to assign different approvers.

Let’s create your first department!

Go to Vacation Tracker Dashboard - https://app.vacationtracker.io/signin

On the left-hand side, under Settings, click on Departments

Once on that page, click on Create New Department

A new page will open where you can enter all the necessary information

Name - enter the name of the department
Users - you can select which users will belong to the department.
Approver - you can select which User(s) and/or Admin(s) will be the Approver(s) for this department.
If you would like to receive notifications specifically for this team, you would turn on the Set Notifications option. For detailed steps on activating notifications please go to: How Do I Set Department Notifications?

When you are done, click on Create Department button and you are all set
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