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Can Approvers View Their Users' Leave Quotas?

Great news, Approvers! You are now able to view your Users’ profile pages!

This view-only access will allow you to see your Users’ upcoming leaves, remaining leave quotas, past leaves and logs! This information can help Approvers, managers and supervisors with planning and/or forecasting that may need to be done!

To view this information, please use the following steps:

Log in to your online dashboard by going to
Click on the Users tab on the left-hand side of the page
Select the profile page for the User

To view the User’s previous and upcoming leaves, please select the Leaves tab at the top of the profile page:

To view if any changes were made to this user, you can view this information under the Logs tab:

To view the User’s remaining leave quotas for each leave type, scroll down to the Leave Quotas section:

Approvers will also be able to use the Add Leave option on the user's profile page. For more information on adding leaves for users, please see the following guide: How Do I Add a Leave for a User?

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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