If you are looking for the best overview of all of the remaining leave amounts for your users, use our leave balance report to export the information into a simple spreadsheet view!

Let’s begin!

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard - https://app.vacationtracker.io/signin

On the left-hand side, under Settings, click on Export

Depending on the data you need, you can tailor your report with these options:

Report type - choose “Leave Balance Report” from the drop down menu.
Locations - you can choose whether you need information for all locations or a specific one.
Departments - you can choose whether you need information for all departments or a specific one.
Export year - you can choose between pulling reports for the “Current year”, "Last Month", “Previous year” and “Next year”.

Once you are done, you can click on the Export button and download will begin

Please keep in mind that all reports are exported as CSV files.
If you are looking for an explanation on how to export “Leave History Report”, please check out this article - How Do I Export Leave History?
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