There is always an option for you to add new or existing users. To do so, you would need to do the following:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -

On the left-hand side click on Users

On the left-hand side click on the Add Users option

A pop-up will open asking you if you want to import all users. No is automatically chosen, and for this option you can either type the name of the user or scroll and select using the drop-down menu.

You can also select the "All Users" option by clicking on the "Yes" button and importing all users from your integration.

Once you have selected the user(s) or chosen the "All Users" option, click Import

If the page does not reload on its own, refresh the page and the user should show in the user list.
Please keep in mind, the "All Users" option will import all of the users you have signed up with during the sign-up process. If you selected to sign up with the whole organization it will import all of the users from the organization.
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