Guide: TOIL (Time Off in Lieu) / COMP Time (Compensatory Time)

Are you trying to compensate your employees for overtime worked? Part of our Complete plan, TOIL (Time Off in Lieu) offers flexibility to both employer and employee. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about TOIL.

What is TOIL?

TOIL (Time Off in Lieu), also known as Time in Lieu or Compensatory Time; is when an employer is compensated for working overtime by receiving the equivalent time off from work instead of being paid extra for the overtime. With this feature, Vacation Tracker offers Admins a way to automate the manual tracking and management of TOIL.

How Does TOIL work?

Users can only request days from the past day including today. Users must select the days they have worked the Overtime, once approved, the number of days they’ve requested will be added on top of their base quota. It’s not possible to request future TOIL because the event of overtime has not yet happened.

To learn more about configuring your TOIL, please see: How Do I Enable / Configure TOIL?

Who Can Request TOIL?

We have two options. Admins can choose if they’d like all Users to request their own TOIL or they can decide for only Admins and Approvers to add TOIL for Users and themselves to maintain control.

What is the Shortest TOIL duration?

The shortest TOIL duration we offer is hourly. This is supposed to reflect the minimum amount of overtime a User can work. So, Users can request full day, half-day, and 1 hour of TOIL.

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Updated on: 26/02/2024

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