How Does an Admin Assign a Substitute Approver?

Is your Approver going on leave and you need to plan who’ll respond to the leave requests while they’re away? No worries, we’ve got just the tool! As an Admin, you can add leave for an Approver and choose who will be their Substitute Approver.

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An Admin can assign a Substitute Approver by adding the leave for the Approver using the Online Dashboard.

Log in to your dashboard:

On the left-hand side, click on the Leave Requests drop-down menu and select Add Leave

Select the Approver you’re adding leave for, add the leave information and reason, if necessary

Go to Select Substitute Approver and you can either type or select the Substitute Approver from the drop-down list

Click on Add Leave to complete the request

A notification will be sent to the Substitute Approver via Teams / Slack / Email when they are set as a substitute.

Don’t see the person you’d like to assign as a Substitute Approver? If the person is already on leave during the same period, they will not appear on the list.

Substitute Approvers will have limited approver role rights. They will only be able to approve or deny leaves through bots/email/dashboard. To learn more, please see: Guide: Substitute Approver

If the Substitute Approver chosen happens to go on leave while being assigned the role, the Substitute Approver will have the option to choose someone else to replace them.

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Updated on: 19/03/2024

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