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We would like to present to you a guide on how you can modify your organizations workweek. Sometimes bigger changes need to be made and we are here to make this hassle-free.

Before we start, there are a few things you need to know.

When modifying working days for an entire location, an Administrator can select whether the change will be applied to all active users or only to those with the default working days.

When configuring working days for an individual user through their profile, their new Workweek settings will not affect the rest of the department.
There are three ways to customize a Workweek with Vacation Tracker:

During the Signup Flow
Through the Location Page
Through the User’s Profile Page

It is important to note that changing the working days, either globally or for an individual user, will not have any impact on past leaves or vacations. The newly configured workweek will, however, be taken into consideration for upcoming time off requests.

Customizing the Workweek During the Signup Flow

John is a staff manager at Teleport Museum, and he has just come across Vacation Tracker and wants to implement it for his organization. Teleport Museum is closed on Mondays. In that case, during the signup flow, John will set up Tuesday to Sunday as working days for his team.

As he configures his team’s workweek, this schedule becomes the default setting and will impact how the Leave Types are calculated for all employees of the Teleport Museum.

Customizing the Workweek Through the Location Page

Jane is an HR manager at UnicornDelivery, a fast-growing start-up. During the summer months, the UnicornDelivery team works from Monday to Thursday and has Fridays off.

UnicornDelivery has already implemented Vacation Tracker, prior to the start of their summer schedule. Therefore, during the signup flow, the default workweek was set from Monday to Friday. However, as the summer schedule kicks in, Jane needs to reconfigure these settings.

As an Administrator, Jane can make changes to the workweek easily and at any time through the Locations page. To do this, she needs to follow these steps:

Log in to dashboard

On the left-hand side, under Settings, click on Locations

In the new page, choose the location you wish to edit

Once the page opens, in your right-hand side click on Edit location

You can now see and edit the workweek. Just tick off the days that match your new schedule, click on Update Location and you are done. Your changes will be saved

This workweek configuration will affect all active users within this location, but will not affect previous days off. However, leaves that have been requested for the future will be recalculated according to the new working days.

Customizing the Workweek for an Individual User

Sarah is the COO of Phoenix Design, a company that was an early adopter of Vacation Tracker.

Sarah has hired a new designer, Adriana, and his onboarding begins soon. However, Adriana's workweek is unlike the rest of the team’s, because he has a special schedule and will be working for Phoenix Design on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only.

Sarah can easily adjust Adriana's working days to reflect this customized schedule, directly through the users profile. Changes made to Adriana's profile will not affect the global workweek settings that were set up during the signup flow or through the Settings page.

To enable Adriana's custom schedule, from the administrator dashboard, Sarah needs to do the following steps from this helpful article - How Do I Set a Custom Workweek for an Individual User?

Updated on: 26/02/2021

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