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What is the Difference Between Inactive and Deleted Users?

In order to keep your organization's leave information safe and sound within Vacation Tracker even when an employee leaves your organization, we have created the Deleted list found on the User page within the online dashboard.

On the online dashboard User page, we have the following three lists:


Users belonging to this list are active within Vacation Tracker and can use our system to request leave. Depending on their role, they have different access and see different information within the online dashboard. As an Admin you can always deactivate an active user to take away their access to Vacation Tracker.


Users belonging to the Inactive list are users that have been deactivated within Vacation Tracker. These users aren't able to access or use Vacation Tracker and your organization does not pay for inactive users. As an Admin, you can always activate an inactive user to give them access to Vacation Tracker.


Last but not least, users belonging to the deleted list are users that have been removed from the integration your team used to sign up (either Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace). These users must first be deleted from the workspace directory. In order to keep their leave information even after they have been removed from the integration, our system sends the users to the deleted list where you are still able to see their historical leave information. These users aren't able to access or use Vacation Tracker and you aren't able to re-activate them unless you re-activate their account within your integration.

At this time, only Admins will be able to see their active, inactive or deleted users. More information on how to set users as Admins can be found here: How Do I Set an Administrator within Vacation Tracker?

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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