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How Do I Customize Leave Quotas for Individual Users?

When setting up your organization’s Vacation Tracker, one of the first things you do is set a number of days for each leave type you have. If the number of leave days differs for some users, you can manually edit them. When editing, you have two options:

To edit days only for the current or next year
To edit days permanently, meaning they will recur every year

Let us show you how you can do that within Vacation Tracker!

First things first, sign in to your dashboard -

On the left-hand side, click on Users

When the Users page appears, click on the User you wish to edit

Once the user’s profile page opens up, scroll down to the Leave Quotas box.

*You will then be able to choose if you want to edit the information for the current year or other years:

*You will also be able to choose different leave types to edit:

Once you have selected the appropriate year and the leave type, click on Change under the Quota field to make changes to the amount.

A pop-up will appear with two options: an option to set an Unlimited policy for the user (unlimited amount of leave) or to set a specific number.

*Do you want to apply this quota for the future years? If you do, select "Yes" - This is the recurring option we mentioned at the beginning

Once you are done, click on Update and your changes will be saved

You are also able to add an Initial Brought Forward quota for individual users using the following steps: How Do I Set Initial Brought Forward (Rolled Over) Days?

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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