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How Do I Edit User's General Information? ( Role, Team, Location and Start Date )

Sometimes changes need to be made to your previous settings. Whether it's updating a user role, their location or start/end date, these can all be changed through the users profile.

Let's begin!

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -

On the left-hand side click on Users

Once on that page, click on the User you wish to change

Once on their profile page, you will see a User Profile box. Click on Edit

A pop-up will appear where you can make your changes:

Role - you can choose whether this user is going to be an Admin or a User.
Name - you can update a user's name within the Vacation Tracker account. This change is only relevant to Vacation Tracker and will not sync information from your workspace directory.
Department - you can select which department the user should belong to. To create a department please go to How Do I Create a Department within Vacation Tracker?
Location - you want to select the location the user should belong to. To create a location please go to How Do I Create a Location?
Employee Since - this field can be used to track the employee start date for your own records or it can be used in case the quota for this user’s location resets based on the User Employment Date rather than the Accounting Year.

Employee ID - you can enter an employee ID for your user, as you would in an HR system. The Reports you export will include a column for Employee IDs

Once you are done editing, click on Update to save your changes

Please keep in mind, if you would like to make a User into an Approver you cannot edit the role through their profile, you have to edit a department and assign a User as an Approver. To edit a department, please follow these steps: How Do I Edit Department Information?

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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