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How Can I Categorize Users (Adding Labels)?

Please note that this option is only available as part of our Complete plan

Do you need a way to categorize employees within Vacation Tracker? No problem, we understand that larger teams may need a way to organize employees into multiple groups, so let us help you with that with our labels feature

This feature provides Admins with a flexible way to group employees inside Vacation Tracker. The labels feature can also be filtered on all the pages that allow the filtering option, such as the calendar view, scheduled leaves, reports and user pages.

Let's walk you through the simple process of adding labels :

From the online dashboard, please go to the Users page

Select the user you’d like to add the label(s) to

At the top of the user’s profile page, click on the Add Label option:

Enter the name of the existing label, or create a new one:

Press 'Enter' or 'Return' on your keyboard and your new label will appear:

Admins can also select the Manage Existing Labels option, where they will be able to edit the label name, change the color of the label and/or delete the labels.

Within that window, Admins will also be able to see the number of users who currently have labels assigned to them:

Once you save the changes, the labels are updated automatically on the user's profile page. Happy labelling!!

Please note that this feature is part of our Complete Plan. For more information, please review this guide: Guide : What Are The Differences Between Our Core & Complete Plans?

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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