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How Do I Set Initial Brought Forward (Rolled Over) Days?

Do you need a way to enter your employees’ initial starting balances from your previous tracking or HR system? No worries - we have just the feature for you!

We understand that vacations existed before Vacation Tracker and our Initial Brought Forward feature allows Admins to manually update their employees' previous (initial) balances for leave types!

Please note that this field can only be edited for the first year. For future years, the Brought Forward field will be automatically calculated using prior year information if you have that setting configured.

Let's help you set these days:

From your online dashboard, please go to the Users tab on the left-hand side
Select the user you’d like to update the balance(s) for

On the user’s profile page, scroll down to the Leave Quotas section

Select the Leave Type that you’d like to update and the Period:

In the Initial Brought Forward field, enter the number of days the user carried over for that year:

Once you select Save at the bottom of the field, the quotas will be updated for that period.

If the Leave Type does not have a Brought Forward policy set, you will see an Unlock icon in the Initial Brought Forward field:

If you place your cursor over the Unlock icon, a message will indicate that the Brought Forward option will first have to be set for that leave type in order to manually edit the Initial Brought Forward field:

Once you click on that option, a pop-up window will appear with the details of that leave policy. Here, you will be able to edit the Brought Forward settings:

For additional information on how to set the Brought Forward option, please see the following article: How Do I Set a Brought Forward (Rollover) Policy?

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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