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How Do I Set a Brought Forward (Rollover) Policy?

Within Vacation Tracker we offer a Brought Forward policy option which allows your users to rollover either all or a set amount of leaves from one year to the next (extra useful for those techies avoiding vacation throughout the year).

Before we begin, you should know that there are three options:

None - for when your organization does not bring forward any days to the following year.
All Days - for when you allow users to transfer all unused days from the current year to the next.
Limited Number of Days - for when you allow users to transfer a limited amount of unused days from the current year to the next.

Now, let’s get started

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -

Under Settings, click on Locations

Select a location you wish to edit by clicking on View

Click on Leave Policies tab and choose the edit option for a policy you wish to edit

You will see the Brought Forward settings towards the bottom of the page. Now it is time for you to choose one of the following:

Disabled - if you don’t have this option in your organization, or for a specific location.
Limited number of days - when you have a limit on rollover days, eg: out of 10 days left a user can rollover only 5.
All days - rollover all remaining days.

When you are done, click Update and your changes will be saved

There is an option for you to set an Expiry Date for your rollover days. Please follow the steps in this article - Can I Set an Expiry Date for Rolled Over (Transferred) Days?

If you had already set your Brought Forward policy OR would like to apply the settings to affect the previous year, please see the steps in the following article: How Can I Apply the Brought Forward/Rollover Policy to the Previous Year (the Past)?

Please keep in mind that these settings affect only the location you choose and the leave type you choose, not the whole organization.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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