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Google Workspace: Editing Permissions

Thank you for your interest in Vacation Tracker, we hope to make your leave tracking more efficient and simpler.

If you received a warning during your signup with our Google Workspace integration letting you know that the Google Directory sharing is disabled, this means that certain settings within your Google Admin console must be updated in order for Vacation Tracker to access the directory data to import new users. You can sign up without enabling this functionality; however, you will not be able to import users from your Google Workspace.

Please note, you must be an Admin within your Google Workspace in order to be able to edit the following settings.

Go to your Google Admin console:
On the left-hand side click to open the Main Menu

Find the Directory option in the menu and hover over to open additional options

Under Directory go to Directory Settings
A new page will open, click on Sharing Settings
Once on the page, click on Contact Sharing and make sure that you enable contact sharing and to show all email addresses (or the addresses you wish to import).
Also, make sure to select either "Show Only Domain Profiles" or "Show Both Domain Profiles and Domain Shared Contacts"

Click on Save
Next click on External Directory Sharing and ensure the "Domain and Public Data" option is selected.

Click Save

Please keep in mind, any changes made within your Google Admin console can take up to 24 hours to propagate to all users.

Updated on: 13/05/2021

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