Yes! You can! Within Vacation Tracker we provide you with an option to set a rollover policy based on location.

For steps and information on setting the rollover policy please see the following article: How Do I Set a Rollover Policy?

Once you have a rollover policy in place, you may want to add an expiry date for those transferred days! To do so, please use the following steps:

Go to the Vacation Tracker online dashboard:

On the left-hand side click on Locations

Under Locations click on the View button at the bottom of any location.

Once on the new page, click on the Edit button on the right-hand side to edit the location information.

Scroll down and make sure that the "No Rollover Expiry Date" option is turned off (unchecked).

Once you are done selecting the date, click Update Location.

Please keep in mind that these settings affect only the location you choose and not the whole organization.
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