Great news Vacation Tracker Admins: You are able to edit users’ names on the online dashboard!

Please use the following steps to update the user's name:

Please go to and log in with your credentials.

While on the online dashboard, click on the Users tab on the left-hand side.

Find and select the user you'd like to edit by clicking on their profile page.

Select the Edit option on the right-hand side. From there, a new pop-up window will appear with the user’s information:

Update the user’s name by editing the Name field:

Select Update once the changes have been made. The user's edited name will now display on their profile page.

You will notice a lock icon appear next to the name, indicating that a change has been made.

Please note that the updated name will only appear within Vacation Tracker, and not within your organization’s integration platform. The user’s updated name will also not be changed back to the original, imported name if you use our Sync Existing Users option.

Feel free to reach out to our Support Team via chat or email ( if you have any other questions!
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