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Can Leave Types Automatically Update My Users' Slack Statuses (Slack Status Update)?

This article is a step-by-step guide solely for the Slack integration.

Would you like your Leave Types to automatically update your Users' status in Slack? We thought you would - so we created this feature just for you!

Admins now have the option to link Leave Types within Vacation Tracker to Slack Statuses Here's how to set this up:

From your online dashboard, go to the Settings tab and select Leave Types
Click on the Create Leave Type button (or the Edit icon if the Leave Type has already been created)
Enter the Leave Type Name and select the Color to display on the online calendar view
Toggle on the option to link the Leave Type to the Slack Status

Select an icon to display in Slack

Enter the Status Name (this can be the same as or different than the Leave Type name. This name will be visible to all users within your Slack workspace).

Select Save/Next and you're done! Your status will then appear in Slack on the top right-hand corner next to your avatar

If you ever choose to hide the Leave Type name, please note that the leave information may still be visible to other users if you chose to name the Slack Status the same as the Leave Type. For more information on hiding a leave type name, please see the following article: How Do I Hide a Requested Leave Type Name?

Happy Statusing!

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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