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Can users request their accrued leave in advance?

If you are using our Accrual feature, you may want to allow your users to apply for their upcoming accrued leave in advance.

As you may already know you can configure the accrual settings within the Locations section of the online dashboard.

For more information on setting and editing the Accrual settings, please see the following article: How Do I Set Accruals?

To clarify this feature a bit better, we’ll take the following example:

Zendaya’s quota resets based on the Accounting Year (January 1st). The Accrual settings are set to a 15-day quota; earned monthly. This means Zendaya gets awarded 1.25 days for each month worked until she hits the full 15-day quota on December 31st of the upcoming year.

Zendaya currently has 10 days earned. If she would like to apply for a 11 day leave in December, she couldn’t do that until she earns the days. However, with this feature, an Admin can allow Zendaya to apply for her vacation in September; even though she has not earned the days yet:

To turn on the settings to allow users to apply for their earned quota ahead of time, please use the following steps:

Go to to log in to the online dashboard
Select Settings
Select Locations
Choose the location that you’d like to add the accruals feature to
Select the Leave Policies tab
Select the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the Leave Type

You can also set the accruals when creating a new leave policy

Within the Accruals section of the Leave Policy window, you will be able to set the frequency of the accrued days.

Please make sure that there is an amount in the Leave Quota section so that our system can calculate the amounts for you

You will be able to select one of three of the following accrual options: Monthly, Semimonthly, and Bi-weekly.

Once you’re happy with your accrual settings, make sure the “Allow Requesting Accrual-based Leave in Advance” is turned on:

The user will then be able to book ahead of time:

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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