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How Can I Add Employee IDs Into Vacation Tracker?

Vacation Tracker Admins - are you looking for a way to update your employees' ID's into Vacation Tracker? Now you're able to do this quickly and easily for your individual users!

Adding your Employee ID's can help with keeping Vacation Tracker consistent with your external payroll system.

The Employee ID field will be visible to your users as well as their Approvers. Here's how you can add your Employee IDs into Vacation Tracker:

Log into your online dashboard by going to
On the left-hand side, select the Users tab
Select the user you'd like to update

Click on the Edit option
You can manually enter the ID in the Employee ID field

Select Update to save the changes

And you're all set! Additionally, the Employee IDs also populate on the Leave Request Report:

If you'd like another way to categorize your users, why not try our Labels feature? More information can be found here: How Can I Categorize Users (Adding Labels)?

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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