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How Can I View Company Logs?

Would you like to view a detailed breakdown of changes made to your account? Admins can now view this information in the Company Logs section!

This will list changes made to all of the account settings that Admins have access to such as Leave Policies, Billing information, Locations, User Imports, etc. This can be helpful for teams with multiple Admins to better understand how and when changes were made to the account.

Here's how you can view this information:

Log into your online dashboard by going to
Select Reports and then Company Logs

You will then see the Company Logs page

The default view will be set to list all changes, however you can select the Date Range and Filter options to show what changes have been made for each of the following categories:

All - This will show a breakdown of all changes made to the account
Company - This will list the updates made to the General Settings of the account, such as company name, tracking leaves in hours vs. days, enabling user end-dates
Leave Type - This will show information such as changing the leave type name, and assigned color
Leave Policy - This will list updates made to Leave Policy settings such as shortest leave duration, allowing negative balance, etc. for selected locations
Departments - This view will included changes made to the department name, assigned users and Approvers for selected departments
Location - This will show changes made to location settings such as holidays, leave quota reset and users
Notification - This will list changes made to notifications, such as frequency, send to options (destinations), language, etc.
Location Year Rollover - This will list locations and whether or not remaining days from the previous year were rolled over (carried over, brought forward)
Billing - This will show if any updates made to the billing information, such as subscription type
Import Users - will list which Admin(s) imported users, and when

Admins will also see the option to change the time zone for this page, if necessary

Happy Vacationing!

The Company Logs will only be visible for Admins, however users are able to view user logs on their profile page using the steps outlined in this article: How Can I View User Profile Logs?

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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