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How Do I Request a Half-Day Leave?

Requesting a half-day leave is as simple as requesting a regular leave. It’s just an organizational construct to help you on those days when you need to finish something up outside of work.

Let’s brush up our knowledge on requesting a leave!

As always, you can request leave:

Using our - Online Dashboard
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Slack
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Microsoft Teams


Log in to your dashboard:

On the left-hand side, click on the Leave Requests drop-down menu and select: Request Leave

Once on the new page, you can enter the necessary information:

Request - click on the drop-down menu to select Half-Day
Date - when do you need time off
Time - timeframe when you will be off
Reason - this field is optional and if you have any information, enter it here

Once you are done, click Request Leave and wait for your confirmation. You will get a notification in your chat.


To request leave through Slack, please follow these steps:

In any channel or direct message, type /vacation and then push Enter

Once Vacation Tracker responds, select Request leave

The bot will respond where you can enter the necessary information such as the leave type, dates, and the time of day for your half-day leave

Once you are done, click on Send Request and wait for your approval.

Microsoft Teams

To request leave through MS Teams, please follow these steps:

On the left-hand side of your MS Teams click on Chats and open the Vacation Tracker chat by clicking on it


at the top of your MS Teams window search "Vacation Tracker" in the search bar and select the app (make sure that you are within the Chat tab)

Type Request Leave in the chatbox and press enter or click the send icon. You will get a response, and from the drop-down menu select the type of leave you are requesting. Once you select, click Next

When a new message pops up, enter the dates you wish to request your leave on, the time you will be away and add a reason (if it is marked as mandatory).

Click on Submit and wait for your approval

If you need to change the date or time of your half-day leave request, you can use the Edit option found on your profile page! More information on editing your leave can be found here: How Do I Edit My Pending or Upcoming Leave?

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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