Did you make a mistake while applying for a leave? No worries, our editing option is here to help!

To edit a pending or scheduled leave please use the following steps:

Go to Vacation Tracker Dashboard - https://app.vacationtracker.io/signin

On the left-hand side click on your profile picture or the My Profile button to enter your profile page.

Once on the profile page click on "Leaves" to see your pending and upcoming leaves.

Find the leave you wish to edit ( keep in mind, as a regular user you are only able to edit your upcoming/scheduled and pending leave ) and click on the Edit button on the right-hand side.

A pop-up will open which will allow you to edit the days and the reason you have entered. If you would like to edit the leave type, you would have to cancel the leave and re-apply for the correct leave type.

Once you are done editing the information, click Update.
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