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Microsoft Teams: Accessing Tabs within Microsoft Teams

This article is a step-by-step guide solely for the Microsoft Teams integration.

Microsoft Teams tabs allow users to access content in a dedicated tab within a channel or in a chat. Our Vacation Tracker Microsoft Teams bot includes three tab options: one for the condensed online dashboard information, another for your profile and one to request leaves. The Request Leave tab will appear automatically when the Vacation Tracker bot is installed. All tabs can be accessed by any user. However, different permission levels (User; Approver; Admin) will see different information within the condensed online dashboard tab.

To access the tab including the online dashboard information, please follow these steps:

Open your Microsoft Teams application and click on Teams on the left-hand side
If you have multiple teams, select the team Vacation Tracker has been added to
Once you have selected the team, select the channel Vacation Tracker has been added to
At the top of the channel you will see multiple tabs (please note: you may have to click on the + sign to find the Vacation Tracker tab)

OR you may see the tabs right away

Once you click on the tab, you should see the online dashboard with the information for your permission level

To access the My Profile tab, follow these steps:

Open your Microsoft Teams application and click on Chats on the left-hand side
Find the Vacation Tracker chat and click on it (you can also do this by searching for Vacation Tracker in the search box at the top of your Microsoft Teams)
Once you open the bot, select the My Profile tab at the top of the page
On the My Profile tab you should see your profile information just as you would on the online dashboard

You can now request leaves, edit upcoming leaves, and access our Helpdesk all from your Microsoft Teams app!

Using the Request Leave tab, users will see their remaining quotas for the leave type they select, and whether or not any one else from their department is away during the time they are requesting the leave for!

As a bonus, you can also view your Vacation Tracker Calendar within Microsoft Teams by adding the Calendar tab! Follow this guide for more information : Microsoft Teams : Adding the Vacation Tracker Calendar Tab

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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