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How Do I Request a Leave?

The time has come for you to request a leave. Luckily, Vacation Tracker is here to make your life (at least this part of it) easier! You can also submit a request for a past leave, as long as that option has been enabled for the Leave Policies for the Leave Types Once the leave request has been submitted, it will be sent to your Approver!

You can request a leave using the following options:

Using our - Online Dashboard
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Slack
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Microsoft Teams


Log in to your dashboard:

On the left-hand side, click on the Leave Requests drop-down menu and select: Request Leave

Once on the new page, you can enter the necessary information:

Request - click on the drop-down menu to select the leave type.
Start and End Date - mark the start and end date for this leave.
Reason - this field is optional (unless set as mandatory) and if you have any information, enter it here.
Once you are done, click Request Leave and wait for your confirmation. You will get a notification in your chat.


To request leave through Slack, please follow these steps:

In any channel or direct message, type /vacation and then push Enter

Once Vacation Tracker responds, select Request leave

Enter the leave type, dates and reason if necessary

Once you are done, click on Send request and wait for your approval.

Microsoft Teams

To request leave through MS Teams, please follow these steps:

On the left-hand side of your MS Teams click on Chats and open the Vacation Tracker chat by clicking on it


at the top of your MS Teams window search "Vacation Tracker" in the search bar and select the app (make sure that you are within the Chat tab)

Type Request Leave in the chatbox and press enter or click the send icon. You will get a response, and from the drop-down menu select the type of leave you are requesting. Once you select, click Next

When a new message pops up, enter the dates you wish to request your leave on and add a reason (if mandatory)

Click on Submit and wait for your approval

Users can also submit their leave requests with the the Request Leave tab:

This option will show users their leave balance for the selected leave type, and also indicate whether or not any one else from their department is on leave at the same time. Once the leave type and dates/times are updated, click on Request Leave to send the request to your Approver(s).

Please note that a leave request will not be submitted if:

You request a leave that overlaps with your existing leave, or a pending request that you submitted; You will receive the following message:

Please review your scheduled and pending leave requests and submit another request for a different date

You submitted a leave request on a non-working day or holiday. You will see the following message:

Simply select a date that does not fall on a non-working day or holiday

You requested a leave for more days than you have; The following message will appear:

Please review your Leave Quotas on your profile page to make sure that you have enough days for your request

If you'd like to request a half-day leave, please see the following steps: How Do I Request a Half-Day Leave?

Once your leave has been approved, you can easily add it to your personal calendar using the steps outlined here: How do I Add my Upcoming Leave to my Personal Calendar?

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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