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How do I Add my Upcoming Leave to my Personal Calendar?

Are you looking to add your scheduled leaves to your personal calendar? Now you can with our new Add to Calendar feature

Please note, we have also introduced an automated version of this feature and you can turn it on using the following steps: How Do I Connect My Personal Calendar to Vacation Tracker?

This option is useful if you want to keep track of your own scheduled leaves, as well as prevent events from being scheduled for you when you’re not in!

With a few easy steps, you can add the approved leaves instantly from your online dashboard, Slack or your Microsoft Teams app!

Let’s help you set your leaves:

For Slack:

Submit your leave request using the /vacation command in Slack
Once you receive the approval notification you will see an Add to Calendar button:

When you select the calendar to add the leave to, a separate window will pop up with the details of the leave

Here, if desired, you can make any changes to the name of the leave type and select Save

Once the changes have been saved, you should see the approved leave on your personal calendar!

For Microsoft Teams:

Submit your leave request using the Vacation Tracker bot in Microsoft Teams

Once you receive the approval notice on your online dashboard, you will see an Add to Your Calendar button within the approval card

Once you click this option, you will be redirected to your Outlook calendar, where you will see the leave type name, the time and days blocked off in your calendar

Here, if you’d like, you will have the option to change the leave type name. If all the information is correct, click on the Save button on the top, left-hand side

Once the changes have been saved, you will be brought back to the leave request approval.

While in Microsoft Teams, you can click on the Calendar icon on the left-hand side of your app to see your scheduled leave!

For Google Workspace:

Go to to log in to your online dashboard and select Request Leave
Once you receive your approval, you should see the option to add the approved leave to your personal calendar on the dashboard:

When you select the option to add the leave to your calendar, you will see a new window pop up. Here, you'll have the option to change the leave type name to display on your calendar:

4.Once you select Save, the leave will be added to your calendar:

Please note that if you need to edit or cancel your scheduled leave, for the time being you will have to manually update the changes in your calendar. More information on editing upcoming leaves can be found here: How Do I Edit My Pending or Upcoming Leave?

At this time, Admins and Approvers who approve/add their own leaves will not be able to see the Add to Calendar button, however we plan to implement an improvement to this option in the future!

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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