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How Do I See My Colleagues' Scheduled Leaves?

You want to do some stalking, eh? No judging, we’ve all been there! All jokes aside, within Vacation Tracker users are able to see who is away across the whole organization (to see current and future leave for all active users).

There are a few ways for you to check this information:

Using our - Online Dashboard
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Slack
Using Vacation Tracker Integration - Microsoft Teams

Dashboard (all integrations)

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -

Once logged in, on the Dashboard (home page) you will be able to see:

Today’s Leaves (tab)
Scheduled Leaves (tab)

You can also filter the leave information by Location and Department using the Filter option at the top of the page:

Additionally, you can check who from your department will be away by going to our Calendar page on the online dashboard:


In any chat, type /vacation and push enter

Once the bot responds you want to click on See More Options and you will see a section with options to see who is off during a certain time period: Today; This Week; Next Week; This Month; Next Month

Make your selection and our bot will show you the users that are off during the selected time frame

Microsoft Teams

Open up your MS Teams and click on Teams on the left-hand side;

Select the team, and then the channel Vacation Tracker has been added to;

At the top of the channel, you will see a tab called “Vacation Tracker Overview". Click on the tab to see Today's Leaves and Scheduled Leaves

You can also use the Filter option directly within the Microsoft Teams app :

You can also filter the upcoming leaves on the dashboard or calendar by location or department. More information on how to do this can be found here: Can I Filter My Dashboard View Based On Locations Or Departments?

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Updated on: 12/05/2023

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