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How Do I Set an Accrual Cap?

For more information on the Accrual Cap and how it works, please see the following link: What is an Accrual Cap?

Are your employees working too hard and you need a way to motivate them to take their earned leaves? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With the accrual cap, you can set a maximum amount of the leave quota your Users can have at any given time. The accrual cap works based on a multiplier, so if someone has a 10 day leave quota and you set the accrual cap at 1.5, they can have a maximum of 15 days available at any given time (10 * 1.5 = 15).

This cap will also include any role or seniority based entitlement, so if someone has 10 days of yearly leave quota, but they have 6 additional days based on their position and tenure in the company, their cap would be 24 (16 * 1.5 = 24).

The accrual cap is set on a leave policy. This means it will affect all Users in the location of the policy you’re setting up and it can’t be changed individually.

Now that we understand how the accrual cap works, let’s set it up!

Note: In order to set an accrual cap, you will have to set the accruals first. Please take a look at this article to learn how: How Do I Set Accruals?

Go to the Vacation Tracker dashboard -

In the menu on the left go to Settings, then Locations

Select a location

Click on Leave Policies at the top

Select a leave policy you want to edit (in this example, we will use PTO)

In the Accruals section of the leave policy, you can find an option to Enable Accrual Cap

When you click Yes you will be offered to choose a multiplier which will be used to set the cap for every User

When you’re set, click on Update and the accrual cap will be set for all Users in that location

Why have my brought forward settings automatically set to All and I can’t edit them?

The accrual cap works hand in hand with the brought forward settings. In order for the accrual cap to be useful, you have to allow the days to be carried into next year.

Let’s look into an example: If you earn 10 days per year and you set an accrual cap to 1.5, that means that the cap you can never exceed is 15 days. In this case, if the brought forward days are not allowed for this leave type, you will never hold more than 10 days at any moment, since, even if you didn’t use any of the 10 days, they will expire on the last day of the year.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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