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How Do I Set My Company's Start Year in Vacation Tracker?

Admins, do you need a way to set your start year in Vacation Tracker? If you are a new client (signed up in 2022), you can easily set this option in your account, which will automatically calculate the quota from that year going forward.

This option will allow you to enter historical data and backdate the quotas for your active leave types. This option will also show how many days have been brought forward (if that setting is enabled) for those previous years.

Please note that this setting will affect all locations in your account

Here's how to set the start year in Vacation Tracker:

Log in to your online dashboard by going to
Select the Settings tab on the left-hand side of the page
Select General
A new page will appear showing the general settings for your account

You'll see an option labeled : Vacation Tracker tracks your leaves from . Here, select the year that you'd like our system to count as the starting year, click Save and you're all set!

The start year that you selected will be visible on your user profile pages in the Select Period section under Leave Quotas. If you have the Brought Forward settings enabled, the system will calculate these days as of that year.

For more information on setting a Brought Forward policy, feel free to review the steps in this article: How Do I Set a Brought Forward (Rollover) Policy?

A more detailed explanation on this option is coming soon :)

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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