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Can a Vacation Tracker Admin or Approver turn on/off the OOO (Out of Office) feature for users?

You may be wondering: If I turn on the Out-of-Office feature, will it only be enabled for my account?

The Out-of-Office reply feature is tied to a user’s account and just like the personal calendar connection, it must be set up by the user under the user's Account Settings section which can be found when the user clicks on their name within the Online Dashboard:

This feature cannot be turned on or off or setup by an Admin or an Approver. Because users must give permission to connect their Vacation Tracker account to their email provider, a user must set their own OOO settings.

Gmail Example of Permissions:

Outlook Example of Permissions:

For more information on the Out of Office (OOO) feature and the permissions, please see the following link: Guide: Automatic Out of Office (OOO) Reply (Autoreply)

For more information on enabling the Out of Office (OOO) feature, please see the following link: How do I enable the OOO (Out of Office) autoreply feature?

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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