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How do I enable the OOO (Out of Office) autoreply feature?

The Out of Office (OOO) reply feature is an option that connects your Vacation Tracker account with your Email provider and allows you to set an Out of Office reply for your approved leave.

First, you would make sure to enable the option under the Account Settings within the Vacation Tracker Online Dashboard:

Go to:

Under Account Settings you will see the option to “Configure Automatic Out-of-Office (OOO) Reply”

To turn it on click on the “Yes” button next to Active

Once you enable the option you will be taken to “Choose Your Email Provider”

Whether you click on Google Email or Outlook, you will be taken to the following step to provide the permissions that will allow Vacation Tracker to set your Out of Office message

Please keep in mind, if you use Outlook and Microsoft Teams, the message will show in both applications according to your internal Office 365 settings.

Loging in and accepting permissions:

Gmail - Please note, for Gmail you may have two permission requests, one for the calendar and one for mail.


Once you’ve logged in and accepted the permissions you will be able to use the Out of Office feature

Please note: we currently only allow Outlook and Gmail email providers but we will allow more in the future so feel free to Request an Integration!

For more information on the OOO feature, please see the following article: Guide: Automatic Out of Office (OOO) Reply (Autoreply)

For more information on choosing the leave types that will send the OOO reminders, please see the following article: Can I choose which leave types have the Out of Office (OOO) message?

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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