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Google Workspace: How Do I Send Notifications to a Group?

If you are using our Google Workspace integration, you have an option to send weekly, daily, global and department notifications via email to one or multiple email addresses. However, you are also able to send our notifications to a group you created within your Google Workspace account and the email will be sent to all email addresses belonging to that group. For more details on Groups within GMail please see the following link:

Please note, you must be an Admin within your Google Workspace in order to be able to edit the following settings.

Go to your Google Admin console:
Click on Groups

Click on Create Group and a new pop-up will open
Fill in the necessary information such as the name of the group; add an optional description; set the email address; and finally select the group owners

Once done, click on Next
The final step will ask you to select different permission levels for this department. This is solely up to you and your own internal company policy so you can customize and set accordingly.
Once you decide and set the access settings click on Save
Finally, click on Add Members to add regular users (not Group owners) to the new group

You can now go ahead and set your weekly, daily, global and department notifications using the group email address rather than individual email addresses. To do so please see the following articles:

How Do I Set Global Notifications?

How Do I Set Department Notifications?

Updated on: 13/05/2021

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