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Common Vacation Tracker Questions

Although our Support Team is available via live chat and email, we know that sometimes you may have questions outside of our availabilities. For your convenience, here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions about using Vacation Tracker:

Can I Update User Information From My Directory Into Vacation Tracker?

Yes! Since our system works as an integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace, minimal user information is pulled from your workspace directory.

We care about privacy and permissions, which is why we only require users’ first and last names and avatars to be pulled into our system.

If any changes are made to your users names and avatars within your workspace directory, this information can be updated directly in your Vacation Tracker account by Admins using the Sync Existing Users option, which is found on the Users page.

More information on how to sync this information into Vacation Tracker can be found here: Can I Update User Information from my Directory Into Vacation Tracker?

Using this option, Admins are able to transfer any updates made to users’ names and avatars from the directory into Vacation Tracker.

Please note that if any manual changes were made to user’s names directly in Vacation Tracker, the sync option will not work for those users.

For Google Workspace Integrations : At times, Google does not process/receive information from our System, and therefore the sync existing users option may not work. We are currently working with Google to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Are Admins Automatically Set As Approvers?

Although this can be a general expectation, our system does not automatically set Admins as Approvers.

The reason is because we understand that every organization is different, and not all Admins will want to receive leave requests from users. This is why we leave the option to you. If you’re an Admin and would like to receive and manage leave requests, you can easily Set Yourself As An Approver.

Can I Track User Overtime?

At this time, our system is designed to track user leaves, however we may introduce this option in the future!

Can I add Multi-Channel, or Single-Channel Guest Users to Vacation Tracker?

At this time, single-channel guest users cannot be added to Vacation Tracker or use the Vacation Tracker bot. Multi-channel guest users can be imported into the Vacation Tracker account, however they cannot login directly on the website to use Vacation Tracker. Multi-channel guest users can access and use the Vacation Tracker bot. Additionally, multi-channel guest users can access the dashboard using the options in the Vacation Tracker bot!

Can Users Move To Different Locations Within Vacation Tracker?

Yes! Admins are able to move users from one location to another, however please keep in mind that when this happens, the user’s leave quotas, pending leaves and scheduled leaves may be impacted. Users can only be part of one location at a time.

If your organization has multiple locations with different leave policies, leave types and the leave quota reset options differ, we suggest that you carefully review what information and settings can be affected once this change is made.

We do our best to allow the settings to be customizable for ease of use, and we understand that at times information will need to change.

More information on changing a user's location can be found here: How Can I Change a User's Location?

Can I set Blackout Dates?

Our team is currently working on this feature! If you'd like to be added to our contact list for this, or any other feature, simply send a request to our Support Team!

Can Everyone See Leave Requests on the Online Dashboard and Calendar View?

Once a user's leave request has been approved, it will appear on the calendar view, as well as the online dashboard view. All active users within Vacation Tracker will be able to see the scheduled leaves! Approved leaves and upcoming holidays will also display in the notifications.

Pending leave requests and request reasons are only visible to the user's Approver(s) and Admins who are also set as Approvers.

Requests that have been denied will only show for the user who requested the leave, and the Approver who responded to that request.

Do I Have To Sign Up With Google Workspace to Sync my Google Calendar with Vacation Tracker?

Nope Our calendar sync option works with any external calendar that you use, no matter what integration you are currently signed up with! For example, if you are currently signed up for Vacation Tracker with Slack, and your organization uses Google as an external calendar, you can still use the calendar sync for that external calendar.

You can sync your external calendar with Vacation Tracker using the steps outlined here: Guide: How Do I Sync My Calendar with Vacation Tracker?

Do Leave Requests Expire?

Leave requests can expire if Approvers do not respond to them. Our system will automatically expire the leave requests if they are not responded to the day after the last day of the leave request.

For example, if a user submits a leave is request for June 1st to June 3rd, it will expire on June 4th if an Approver does not approve or deny the request. The request will appear on the user profile page under the Leaves tab with an Expired status. The good news is that Admins can easily remove these expired requests at any time!

Expired leave requests will appear for Approvers in the Leave Request cards sent by the Vacation Tracker bot. We also have a feature on our roadmap to remind Approvers to respond to their pending requests. If you'd like to be added to our contact list to receive an update on this feature, feel free to reach out to our Support Team!

Happy Leave Tracking!!

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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