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How Can I Set Hourly Intervals to Leave Policies?

Please note that this feature is only available as part of our Complete Plan

At Vacation Tracker, we know that leaves sometimes need to be short and sweet. This is why we are pleased to offer you the Hourly Increments feature

This feature allows users to request leaves in hourly time intervals. If someone needs to run a quick errand or go to an appointment during their work day, they will not have to schedule a full day or half-day's leave

Here's how you can set up hourly increments for your leave types:

Login to your online dashboard by going to
To create a new leave type and set the setting, go to Settings , Leave Types and select Create Leave Type. For editing existing Leave Policies, go to Locations, select the Leave Policies tab and the Edit icon
Once the Leave Policy window is opened, select the 1 hour option in the Shortest Leave Duration section

Click Save for the setting to be applied

Users will now be able to request hourly leaves for that leave type. After selecting the date and the option from the drop-down, Users can choose the times that they will be off:

At this time, the shortest time interval that can be requested is one hour.

Once the request has been submitted and approved, the leave will populate on the Calendar and Dashboard views!

On the Dashboard Calendar view, leaves shorter than a full day will be represented by striped blocks:

For a more detailed view of the scheduled leaves, you can always select the List View on the Calendar page:

If you'd like to use this option, you can update your subscription at any time using the steps in this article: How Can I Change My Subscription? (Core/Complete and Annual/Monthly)

Happy Vacationing!

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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