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How Can I Set Leave Quotas in Hours Instead of Days?

Please note that this option is only available as part of our Complete Plan

Would you like to track your leave quotas in hours instead of days? Now you can do this with a few simple clicks!

We understand that every organization is unique and may need different options when it comes to tracking leaves. If your organization's leave policies consist of assigning quotas in hours, then we're happy to say that you can do this in Vacation Tracker!

Here's how to enable this setting:

Login to your online dashboard by going to
Select Settings then General on the left-hand side of the page

In the Set Leave Quotas In section, select Hours

Click on Save

You're all set!

In the Leave Policies section (under Locations) the leave quotas will be listed in hours:

The reports will also include the data in hours:

Users will see their quota in days and hours on their profile page; however, if they want the hourly breakdown, they can see that information using the info bubble above the quota:

For more information on what's included in our Core and Complete plans, please see this article: Guide : What Are The Differences Between Our Core & Complete Plans?

Happy Vacationing!

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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