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How Do I Enable/Disable the Automatic User Import?

If you're using Vacation Tracker with one of our integrations (Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace) and you'd like to take advantage of the option to automatically import users from your workspace directory, now you can!

This option can help you manage your users from your directory without having to import them manually if you plan on adding users to Vacation Tracker periodically!

Please note that adding users to your account may impact your subscription amount

Here's how you can do this:

Log into your online dashboard, and select Settings then General
Under the Import Users Configuration section, you will see the option to automatically add users from your Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace directory:

When you select Yes, once a user is added to your workspace directory, they will automatically be imported into Vacation Tracker. They will also receive a message letting them know that they've been added to the Vacation Tracker account and how they can start using it!

If you see a message indicating that you have a large number of users in your workspace directory, please reach out to our Support team to confirm that you'd like to enable this option!

You will also see options to automatically send an announcement to these new users, import them into specific departments and locations and prorate the new users' quota for this year:

Prorating the quota for the new users means that the system will automatically set the amounts they are entitled to when they're imported and based on the leave policies. If you select Yes, you can choose which leave types you'd like the quotas to be prorated for:

If you select No, the users will receive the allotted amounts as set in the leave policies for the current year.

Should you choose to not import your users automatically from your workspace directory into Vacation Tracker, or to disable this option, simply select No

And use the following steps to add new users to the account: How Do I Add (Import) Users?

Once you select your option, click on Save and you're all set!

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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