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How Do I Pro-Rate Quotas for New Users?

Admins - are you looking to pro-rate the quotas for employees who start mid-year? No worries, you can enable this option automatically on the Users page!

When new employees start in the middle of the year, it's likely that they will not be entitled to the quotas assigned for the entire year. While in the past you'd have to set their custom quotas, you are now able to automate this option when importing new users.

Here's how you can do this:

Log in to your online dashboard by going to
Select the Users tab on the left-hand side of the page
Select the Add Users button
Type in the name(s) of the user(s) you'd like to import
Select the Configure Settings for selected Users button

A new page will appear with additional settings. You will see an option to prorate the quotas for the selected users. Click on Yes. This will automatically calculate the number of days/hours that the user is entitled to as of the current date.

Then, edit the leave types that you want the system to prorate the leaves to

When you select the Import Users button, a pop up window will appear with the summary of the users you will import, as well as the leave types that will pro-rate:

Then, select the option to import the users and you're all set!

The leave quotas will be visible on the user's profile page!

Happy Vacationing!

For more information on adding new users, please see the following article: How Do I Add (Import) Users?

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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