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Microsoft Teams Integration: Turning on the Out of Office / Status Setting within Teams

This article is a step-by-step guide exclusively for the Microsoft Teams integration.

If you are a Microsoft Teams user, you may already be aware that the Out of Office setting within Outlook is also tied to your Microsoft Teams application. If you set your Out of office message, it can also show within your Microsoft Teams application and it can be sent to anyone who reached out to you both via email and via chat within Teams.

For more information on the Microsoft setting mentioned please see the following Microsoft article:

With our OOO feature, the autoreply option will be turned on for both Outlook and Teams. If someone tries to reach out to you via Teams, they will see the following status:

They will receive the same response as they would within Outlook:

Please keep in mind, within Microsoft Teams you have the option to send the OOO response only to your contacts or the option to send the response to anyone who messages you:

This is a setting that you can edit within Microsoft Teams after you’ve set your OOO message using Vacation Tracker.

For more information on the customization option of OOO messages within Office 365, please see the following link (Option 2; steps 5 and 6):

For more information on the Out of Office (OOO) autoreply feature, please see the following article: Guide: Automatic Out of Office (OOO) Reply (Autoreply)

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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