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Microsoft Teams : Microsoft Transactables - Signing Up/Setting Up Vacation Tracker

As you know, you can sign up for Vacation Tracker directly on our website, where your billing information can be managed directly in Vacation Tracker. Alternatively, another option is to sign up using Microsoft AppSource! This option allows you to manage your Vacation Tracker subscription directly through your Microsoft account; this means that your invoices and billing information are all in one place! Please note that this option is available in every region, except for Canada. At this time, Canadian companies can sign up for Vacation Tracker directly on our website by going to

If you signed up for Vacation Tracker through our website, and you're looking to set up your account, please use the following link: Microsoft Teams: Signing Up / Setting Up Vacation Tracker

Here's how you can start:

1. Search Vacation Tracker on AppSource
Search for Vacation Tracker. After reviewing the information, select the Get it Now option

2. Checkout
On the Checkout page, you can choose which plan you'd like to subscribe to and enter the number of licences (to be assigned) required

Review the summary of your purchase, and select Place Order and select Configure Now to begin the account set up

3. Complete Company Setup
Enter the details for your Company and Location. Here, you'll also set the Paid Time Off Quota or select the option to allow an Unlimited Quota.

Once the information has been saved, and the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy has been agreed to, click Continue

You'll then be asked to log into your Microsoft account, where you can select the necessary permissions to access Vacation Tracker as a third-party app

4. Assigning Purchased Licenses

On this page, you will see a list of active users in your Office 365 directory. This is where you can assign your purchased licenses:

You will also have the option to update their role to User or Admin, and to send them a welcome message via Microsoft Teams or email.

5. Setting Up the Vacation Tracker Bot and Tabs

This step allows you to easily set up the Vacation Tracker bot and tabs within your Microsoft Teams app.

First, you will have to indicate whether or not you are an Admin within your Office 365 account. Then, you can choose which Microsoft Teams team you'd like to add the Vacation Tracker bot and tabs to. Once that's done, click on the Install Bot and Tabs button to proceed.:

Please note that if you are not an Admin within your Office 365 account, you will have to install the Vacation Tracker bot manually using this guide: Microsoft Teams : How Do I Add The Vacation Tracker Bot To Microsoft Teams?

You may be asked to enable additional permissions. Once that's done, you will be redirected to your Vacation Tracker dashboard, where you can proceed with setting up your account!

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Updated on: 22/12/2022

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