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Why am I receiving reminders?

If you have the Approver role within Vacation Tracker (if you are an active Approver of one or more departments) you will receive leave requests and you could also receive reminders.

At Vacation Tracker we know the Approvers may have too much on their plate and the requests they receive may not get responded to on time. This is why we introduced reminders that will be sent to the Approvers to remind them to respond to the leave.

Please note, the following image is an example of a Microsoft Teams integration reminder; the Slack integration and email integrations would have a slightly different look but the same information:

Our reminders are automated and are sent out according to a specific schedule until either the Approver responds (by approving or denying the request) or until the request expires.

For more information on the schedule of our reminders, please see the following article: What is the schedule / flow of leave reminders?

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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