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What is the schedule / flow of leave reminders?

Leave reminders within Vacation Tracker are sent to Approvers to remind them to respond to a leave request. Vacation Tracker will send a maximum of 3 reminders per leave request.

The reminders work on the following schedule:

Please note, the following image is an example of a Microsoft Teams integration reminder; the Slack integration and email integrations would have a slightly different look but the same information:

A leave request is sent by a User to their Approver(s) on Wednesday, August 2nd for a leave on August 14th, 2023 .

If the request is not responded to (approved or denied) right away, the first reminder is sent the next business day (Thursday, August 3rd in our example).

If the request has still not been responded to (approved or denied) after 3 business days, a second reminder will be sent (Monday, August 7th in our example).

If the request has not been responded to (approved or denied) after 5 business days, a third and final reminder will be sent (Wednesday, August 9th in our example).

After 7 business days (and 3 reminders) the request will expire. A message will be sent to both the User and the Approver(s) that the request expired on the 7th business day (Friday, August 11th in our example).

If a User edits their leave request at any point during the flow (before the leave expires or is responded to) the reminder flow will begin again (steps 1 to 4).

Some Basic Rules for Reminders:

Vacation Tracker will only send reminders for open (active) leave requests. In other words, Approvers will only receive a reminder if the request has not been responded to.

If the leave request is auto-approved, no reminders will be sent due to the auto-approval process.

Reminders will be sent according to the Approver’s working days. If there are multiple Approvers with different working weeks, the leave will expire 2 business days after the first Approver receives their third reminder. The first Approver is the Approver with the first upcoming working day.

For leave requests that have an end date in the past (for Users that can request leaves in the past) leave reminders will follow the same flow and expire 2 business days after the final reminder (a total of 10 business days after the request has been sent). For more information on requesting leaves in the past, please see the following article: How Can Users Request a Past Leave?

For more information on the leave expiration rules within Vacation Tracker, please see the following article: Why did a leave request expire (Leave Expiration Rules)?

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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