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How Can Users Request a Past Leave?

Since we all know that sick days and leaves could have been previously taken, we've allowed you to set the option for Users to request past leaves

Users can submit requests for past leaves on the online dashboard, or using our bot within Slack or Microsoft Teams!

Enabling this setting is simple, and can be found in the Leave Policies section.

Here's how you can set this option:

Log into your online dashboard (
Select Settings and then Locations
Click on the Location you'd like to update the leave policy for

Select Leave Policies and the option to Edit that leave policy

Once there, select the option to Edit & Request Leaves in the Past

Click on Update to save the changes

You're all set!! The users within that location can now submit requests for past leaves!

Approvers and Admins can opt to add these leaves for their users using the steps in this article: How Do I Add a Leave for a User?

Happy Vacationing!

Updated on: 08/12/2022

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