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Adding a New Calendar (Using iCal Connection)

Vacation Tracker offers the iCal format for adding leave information to Google Calendar, Outlook and any other calendar that supports iCal. The iCal connection allows you to add a new calendar by using an URL, where the scheduled leaves for the entire organization or for a specific group you filtered are shown.

Please note, our iCal connection adds a new calendar to your external calendar collection. If you're looking to connect the Vacation Tracker calendar to an existing (shared) calendar, please see the following article: Connecting to a Shared / Existing Calendar

.For more information on all of the calendar connections we offer, please see our calendar guide: Guide: How Do I Sync My Calendar with Vacation Tracker?

Who can do the connection to the Share/Existing Calendar?

Admins, Approvers, and Users can add the Vacation Tracker calendar with the iCal link. The iCal Calendar is available for both Core and Complete plans.

To add your Vacation Tracker calendar you just need to copy and paste our URL to your preferred calendar application.

Let’s make this easier, shall we?

Go to the online dashboard:

On the left-hand side menu click on Calendar

Once on the Calendar page, click on Sync with your calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) at the top of the page

You will be taken to a new page where you can choose which calendar connection you want from the dropdown.

Select ‘Any calendar (via iCal link)’

If you leave the Filter By option empty, all your organizations scheduled leaves will be visible in the calendar. You can choose to filter the calendar by department, location or label. If you do, only leaves from Users that belong to the filters you created will be shown in the created calendar. This is optional.

Click on Create iCal link and a new page will appear and give you a summary of what information will be included in the calendar link:

If you ever need to copy the link again, you can simply go back to the Sync Your Team Calendar page by following steps 1, 2 and 3. Once on the page, you will see a log of all calendar connections that you have either created or that have been shared with you. These logs can include other types of calendar connections. In the list of the logs, you can find the iCal connection you made and on the right-hand side either copy the link or delete if you're looking to remove this connection.

“But how do I add the URL to my preferred calendar?” - you may ask.

Fear not, for we have a mini tutorial for that as well!

Choose your fighter!

Google Calendar Synchronization

To add the calendar feed to your Google Calendar, open it and click on the “Other Calendars” dropdown in the left side bar. Choose “Add by URL”, and then enter the iCal URL. Finally, click on “Add Calendar” and wait for Google to import your events.

Outlook Synchronization

To synchronize with Outlook, simply sign in to your account, and at the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar. Select Add Calendar > From Internet, and simply paste the calendar URL.
Please note that the calendar synchronization is not yet available in Outlook 2016 for Mac.

iCal Synchronization

If you’d like to add the calendar feed to iCal, open your calendar, click on the “File” dropdown in the left sidebar. Choose “New Calendar Subscription”, and then enter the iCal URL. Finally, click on “Subscribe” and wait for iCal to import your events.

Please note, you are able to sync Vacation Tracker with your external calendar, regardless of which integration you are using! For example, Slack users can use the calendar sync with their Outlook calendar.

This calendar sync with both Google and Microsoft takes up to 24 hours. That means new information will take up to 24 hours to show in the Google calendar or Outlook calendar. Unfortunately, this sync time isn't related to us, it is related to the way both Google and Microsoft process information. If you're looking for a more immediate calendar sync, you can check our Shared Calendar connection: Connecting to a Shared / Existing Calendar

How to Remove the Synced Calendar

Do you need to remove the synced calendar? No worries, you can follow the steps outlined here:




If you'd like to add your approved leave to your personal calendar, you can use the steps outlined in this article: How Do I Connect My Personal Calendar to Vacation Tracker?

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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